Eugenia Olesnicky-Killian
Christina Biermann

Four of 5 women faculty from UCCS recently featured on the national Academic Minute radio program are from the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences: Christine Biermann, Assistant Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies, Oksana Bihun, former Associate Professor of Mathematics, Elizabeth Daniels, Associate Professor of Psychology, and Eugenia Olesnicky Killian, Associate Professor of Biology. The theme of the broadcast was “Women in STEM Takeover.” Jessi Smith, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Professor of Psychology, selected the participants. More information is available from an article in the UCCS Communique.

LAS Peak Moments – YouTube Friday Release!

Meet Madison Fox, current UCCS student studying Pre-Med Biochemistry and a LAS Peak Ambassador, Cody Stein, UCCS Alum, previous LAS Peak Ambassador, and post-bac research fellow at the National Institutes of Health, and Dr. James Kovacs, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCCS.

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More than 75 faculty in the College, along with representatives from the Career Center, Public Safety, and the B.I. program offer words of congratulation and encouragement in a video tribute to the graduating class of 2020. The video features original music composed and played by Colin McAllister from the department of Visual and Performing Arts, and closes with a message from Interim Dean Rex Welshon. Margie Oldham, LAS Director of Community Relations, lead the effort to create the video.

Click here to view the video, and congratulations to our 2020 graduates and their families!

Dear LAS Faculty, Staff, and Students,

Due to the current restrictions we are under, we are unable to host our traditional LAS Awards Ceremony and reception in honor of our many outstanding students and award winners. We are all saddened by this, and although we would prefer to be together as a college to celebrate these academic honors, the amazing accomplishments of our students deserve our celebration and recognition, nonetheless.

It is with great pleasure that I announce on Friday, May 8th, LAS will launch a special website and video in recognition of our graduates and our departmental outstanding students and scholarship awardees. Please join me as we congratulate all awardees and all students of the Class of 2020.  It is both a pleasure and an honor to serve you and the Class of 2020 as Interim Dean of the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences. I wish our students all the best as they embark on their future professional and academic endeavors. 

Congratulations, graduating Class of 2020!

Robert C. (Rex) Welshon
Interim Dean
College of Letters, Arts & Sciences
Please go to our congratulations video and LAS Awards Website at the following link:
LAS Awards Website

Our LAS Faculty, Staff, and Students are doing what they can to make the best of remote working and learning. Here are a couple of highlights from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Madison, Pre-Med Biochemistry major

Madison, a Pre-Med Biochem major, was recently featured in a short video: “A Day in My Life, Quarantine Edition.”

Al Schoffstall

Al Schoffstall, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, shared an encouraging message that he recently received from one of his students: “I just wanted to express my appreciation for all of the efforts you have put into the transition to remote learning. I think it’s easy for us students to forget that this situation sucks for the professors just as much as it does for us. You guys have made this transition much less grueling than it could have been. I know I speak for myself as well as others when I say your efforts at being great educators do not go unnoticed. You guys are awesome. Thanks for doing what you do.”

Dr. Meghan Lybecker

Meghan Lybecker, Assistant Professor of Biology, has joined the prestigious UCCS Million Dollar Club for sponsored research. Meghan is the principal investigator (PI) or co-PI on more than one million dollars in research awards from highly competitive federal funding sources including the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. She is a molecular microbiologist who studies “the molecular mechanisms that bacteria employ to regulate gene expression in response to changing environmental conditions.” (from her UCCS webpage). Read more below…

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Dr. Dmytro Bozhko

Dr. Dmytro Bozhko, Assistant Professor of Physics and Energy Science, contributed to a study just published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. In Dmytro’s words: “This work describes a novel way to create Bose-Einstein condensate of quasi-particles (magnons) in nano-structured materials (ferromagnets). I believe that this work is one of the key achievements in the area and it is expected to boost development of quantum computing technologies at room temperature.”

Read more about the project from the press release below.

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Faculty from all 3 major divisions of the College (Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences) were awarded grants by the Committee on Research and Creative Works (CRCW) this Spring. Each investigator was asked to provide a very brief description of their project for the LAS News Feed. Read more below…

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