All of our educational approaches in the College of LAS depend upon social engagement, though in quite different ways depending on the specific discipline. The inherent physicality of theatre and dance, for example, can make student engagement especially challenging through remote learning. To help maintain a connection with their students, the Theatre and Dance faculty in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts created an uplifting video, “Apart & Together.” Kevin Landis, Director of the Theatre and Dance program, has given us permission to share the video with the LAS News Feed. It is funny, poignant, and heart-warming. Just what we all need during these challenging times. Click here to view the 4 minute video, as well as an inspiring open letter from the faculty to their students.

Stephen Brown, junior Economics major (photo from the Communique story linked here)

A recent story in the Communique featured 2 current Economics students and 1 recent Psychology graduate who are participating in the Quad Innovation Partnership’s program, “spending the semester designing solutions for Colorado Springs’ challenges and pitching strategies to bring the city into the future.”

The Communique story was written by Anna Squires: “The Sky is the Limit: Eight UCCS Students and Alumni Build a Bright Future for Colorado Springs.”

Dr. Sean Williams, TCID

Sean Williams, Associate Professor and Director of the Technical Communication & Information Design (TCID) program, recently published the article “Narratives of International Women Entrepreneurs: An Exploratory Case Study of Identity Negotiation in Technology Startups” in IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication. Read on for a summary of the research.

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Colin McAlister

Colin McAlister – Assistant Professor and co-director of the Music Program in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts – and the Through a Glass Darkly conference he directs were recently covered in the Communique. The article was written by Jared Verner. Here’s a link to the full story: “Through a Glass Darkly” returns to UCCS for sixth year March 20-26.

In this installment of “Why I Research,” faculty members from Anthropology, Economics, History, Physics and Energy Science, and Sociology share their reasons and motivations for conducting research.

Esther Lamidi

Esther Lamidi, Assistant Professor of Sociology

I conduct research because I love the process of finding answers to pertinent questions about evolving patterns of family life. As my friends and family often say, my curious mind can’t stop asking why. I also consider it a privilege to be part of the group of scholars in my field whose research informs changes in social policies and individual and group actions. 

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