Dr. Meghan Lybecker

Meghan Lybecker, Assistant Professor of Biology, has joined the prestigious UCCS Million Dollar Club for sponsored research. Meghan is the principal investigator (PI) or co-PI on more than one million dollars in research awards from highly competitive federal funding sources including the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. She is a molecular microbiologist who studies “the molecular mechanisms that bacteria employ to regulate gene expression in response to changing environmental conditions.” (from her UCCS webpage). Read more below…

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Dr. Dmytro Bozhko

Dr. Dmytro Bozhko, Assistant Professor of Physics and Energy Science, contributed to a study just published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. In Dmytro’s words: “This work describes a novel way to create Bose-Einstein condensate of quasi-particles (magnons) in nano-structured materials (ferromagnets). I believe that this work is one of the key achievements in the area and it is expected to boost development of quantum computing technologies at room temperature.”

Read more about the project from the press release below.

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Cerian Gibbes

Cerian Gibbes, Associate Professor of Geography & Environmental Studies (GES), was recently featured in the UCCS Communique. Dr. Gibbes has received a second prestigious Fulbright award. For this award she will travel to Taiwan to “study how the small, technologically advanced state is making strides in environmental sustainability, innovation, education reform and geopolitics.” (UCCS Communique, April 16, 2020). The Communique article was written by Anna Squires, and features an original photograph of Dr. Gibbes taken UCCS Student Daisy Monticelli .

Mary Dodge

Dr. Mary Dodge, UCCS alum and currently Professor of Criminology & Law in the CU Denver School of Public Affairs, was recently featured on CU on the Air. Dr. Dodge received a BA in Psychology and an MA in Clinical Psychology from UCCS before earning her PhD in Criminology, Law and Society at the University of California, Irvine. She was mentored by Edie Greene, UCCS Professor of Psychology, on her MA Thesis research project. Mary and Edie co-authored the following peer-reviewed publications:

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Faculty from all 3 major divisions of the College (Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences) were awarded grants by the Committee on Research and Creative Works (CRCW) this Spring. Each investigator was asked to provide a very brief description of their project for the LAS News Feed. Read more below…

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Sara Honn Qualls
Charles (“Chip”) Benight

Psychology professors Sara Honn Qualls and Charles (“Chip”) Benight were recently featured in local news outlets. Dr. Qualls was interviewed by the Gazette about social isolation during the Covid-19 crisis, and the implications of her work on caregiving of older adults for the current situation was also featured in a separate Gazette article. Dr. Benight was featured in a Gazette article on the formation and funding for the new National Resilience Institute which will we housed at UCCS.