Who Does What? Program Assistants

The function of our college depends on hundreds of employees including faculty, staff, and administrators. In this installment of “Who Does What?” we feature Program Assistants (PAs). Program assistants provide vital administrative support to programs and departments. Just as every department and program in LAS is unique, so too are our PAs. We’d like to introduce you to a couple of them here…

Kristina Woods, Physics and Energy Sciences

Kristina Woods is a program assistant for the department of Physics and Energy Sciences (PES). A military brat, Kristina originally moved to Colorado Springs when she was in 4th grade. After stints in Georgia and Germany Kristina returned to Colorado Springs for the quality of life and to be near family. She has worked at UCCS since 2007. Outside of work Kristina is a sky diving enthusiast. She is also a “dog mom” to Skylar, whose name reflects her interest in sky diving. Asked about travel, Kristina told me she enjoyed seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time recently, as well as Sedona, Arizona. She is especially looking forward to exploring Austin, Texas someday as well. Kristina is also a huge fan of the CSU Rams and the Denver Broncos.

Jeremy Click, VAPA

Jeremy Click is a program assistant for the department of Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA). Originally from El Paso, Texas, Jeremy moved to Colorado after serving in South Korea while on active duty in the Army. He earned degrees in both Accounting and Management from UCCS, and a Master’s degree in Management and Project Management from CSU Global Campus. In addition to his work as program assistant for VAPA, Jeremy creates art work himself, and enjoys collaborating with VAPA faculty members. Jeremy’s favorite place in the world is “anywhere outdoors,” away from city noise. He enjoys hiking, kayaking, fishing, and camping. Jeremy is especially inspired by the following words from a leader he worked with: “Always leave things better than the way you found them.” This idea has greatly influenced Jeremy’s work ethic and leads him to strive to make improvements in everything he does.

Stephanie Smith, Economics, and Political Science

Stephanie Smith has been a program assistant for the departments of Economics and Political Science since joining UCCS in 2014. Originally from Wisconsin, she studied English and History at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. After graduating she moved to England, Stephanie lived in England for 12 years and now has dual citizenship in the US and UK. While in England, she was a full-time mom and then worked as a police officer and civilian police staff in Finance and Business Administration for Hampshire Constabulary. Upon returning to the US, Stephanie earned her teaching certification and taught English at the secondary level for several years. In 2012, she, along with her 3 daughters and her newly betrothed, whom she has known since they were 10, moved to Colorado. After working for a couple of years at PPCC, Stephanie was hired at UCCS. Her favorite place in the world is the Scandinavian region, although she’s never been. She and her husband are obsessed with all things Scandinavian, and they’re planning a trip to Copenhagen in the spring. In addition to her program assistant role, Stephanie serves on several committees including the LAS Staff Advisory Committee, the Staff Association Executive Board, and she serves as a Diversity Champion on search committees.

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