In this installment of “Why I Teach,” faculty members from English, Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology, and Women’s and Ethnic Studies share their reasons and motivations for teaching.

Laith Al-Shawaf

Laith Al-Shawaf, Assistant Professor of Psychology

I teach because there’s nothing better than sharing knowledge with other people. One of my all-time favorite things is seeing a student’s face light up after grasping a puzzling idea, an interesting empirical finding, or a novel way of thinking about the world.

Ann Amicucci

Ann Amicucci, Director of First-Year Rhetoric and Writing, Assistant Professor of English

The word “writing” conjures dread and anxiety for many people–but by teaching, I invite students to approach writing with curiosity and excitement. I teach to upend expectations about the activity of writing: I enable students to gain confidence as writers and to delight in what they can achieve through the written word.

Theresa Killebrew

Theresa Killebrew, Instructor of Mathematics

I teach because helping students unlock their mathematical potential is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I am truly passionate about my discipline and I am passionate about helping people achieve their academic goals. Being a teacher is my way of leveraging both of my passions for the benefit of others. 

Allison Postell

Allison Postell, Senior Instructor of Philosophy

I teach because I believe asking fundamental philosophical questions can deeply improve a person’s life and understanding of the world.  It is an honor to guide UCCS students through this kind of education.

Tre Wentling

Tre Wentling, Assistant Professor of Women’s and Ethnic Studies

I had incredible mentors as an undergraduate student; ones who believed in me and gave me opportunities to practice academically and grow more holistically as a person. Today, I have the great honor and privilege to similarly invest and share in students’ journeys as they achieve their goals and fulfill their lives.

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