Why I Engage in Service

Stephen Cho Suh

In this installment of “Why I Engage in Service” we hear from faculty members in Sociology, Women’s and Ethnic Studies, Communication, and Psychology.

Stephen Cho Suh, Assistant Professor of Sociology & Women’s and Ethnic Studies

I engage in service to support UCCS’ commitments to equity, diversity, and inclusivity. Service also allows me to get connected to the students, staff, and faculty who comprise the UCCS community.

Laura Eurich

Laura Eurich, Associate Chair, Director of Undergraduate Studies & Internship Director, Department of Communication

I feel deep connections to this community and the university and always want to find ways to give back to both, engaging in service affords me this opportunity. Teaching our students to be engaged citizens is critical too, so I am always thrilled when I can incorporate service learning into my classes. Students in my public relations class get the chance to work on a proposal for a nonprofit each semester, this project introduces them to the wide-ranging needs of our community at the same time as building their portfolio with real examples of work. 

Mike Kisley

Mike Kisley, Professor of Psychology, LAS Associate Dean

Engaging in service allows me to have a positive impact on students, the University, my professional field, and our local community in ways above and beyond teaching and research. I’m a creative problem solver, and I enjoy helping people and groups achieve their goals. Because there is such a wide array of ways to engage, service helps to keep my job interesting and very different from one day to the next.

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