LAS Student Accomplishments: GeoClub Wins Third Straight Title

GeoClub teammates Hannah Daugherty, Alex Blanco-Castano, Giselle Rangel, and Natalie Luther

The UCCS Geography and Environmental Science Club (GeoClub), from the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies (GES), joined six other teams on Saturday, 2 November at SGA to compete in the 7th Annual UCCS National Academic Quiz Tournament (NAQT). GeoClub was the only group to participate in all five rounds, losing only one round. After a quick playoff round, GeoClub faced the Dinos in the semi-finals and JT’s Team in the final (their one loss in the competition). In the end, it was the popular culture knowledge of the GeoClub’s teammates that ensured their win over JT’s Team (whose members have been in the final against GeoClub for the previous two years).

            This is the third year in a row that GeoClub was the tournament champion. When asked what the secret to their success is, the team simply replies “Alex”, referring to teammate Alex Blanco-Castano. In actuality it is the variety and breadth of their knowledge across categories. A knowledge not only from books used throughout their education careers, but in current events, history, and popular culture as well. This broad knowledge base has sent GeoClub to the championship for four years running, with victory in the last three.

This year’s team consisted of Hannah Daugherty, Alex Blanco-Castano , Giselle Rangel, and Natalie Luther. Hannah is a junior, majoring in Geography and is President of the GeoClub. Alex is a senior majoring in Geography and Anthropology with a German minor. Giselle is a junior, majoring in Geography with an Economics minor. Natalie is a senior, majoring in Geography with a Geology minor, GeoClub’s Vice President, and served as the Team Captain.

Written by Natalie Luther, [email protected]

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