LAS Staff: Long-Standing Contributors Recognized

Three LAS staff members were recently recognized for serving our College for more than 20 years. Each of their chairpersons were asked to say something about their contributions.

David DuBois, Psychology

David DuBois has been with LAS for 20 years. He is a Program Assistant in the Psychology Department. His chairperson, Dr. Mary Coussons-Read, had this to say about David:

“David Dubois is a critical member of the Psychology department, providing broad and deep support that touches both our everyday activities and our larger processes during the year, such as graduate student recruitment and onboarding. In addition to his consistent, reliable, and excellent work, David has a peaceful, steadying influence on everyone around him – he manages to keep the plates spinning with calm professionalism and luckily, a great sense of humor. We’re lucky to have him and thankful for his long-standing outstanding service.”

Scott Rehorst, Physics & Energy Science

Scott Rehorst has been with LAS for 23 years. He is a Lab Coordinator for the Department of Physics and Energy Science. His chairperson, Dr. Bob Camley, had this to say about Scott:

“In many ways Scott is at the heart of our Physics program.  He is completely responsible for setting up and maintaining all the teaching labs – and he has written a lot of them too. And if you want some demonstration – maybe something as crazy as combining fire with liquid nitrogen – Scott will make it happen.  We are lucky to have him!!!!”

Andrea Williams, Psychology

Andrea Williams has been with LAS for 30 years. She is a Program Assistant in the Psychology Department. Her chairperson, Dr. Mary Coussons-Read, had this to say about Andrea:

“Andrea Williams works tirelessly, creatively, and compassionately for the good of the students, staff, and faculty in the Psychology department. Her skill set, experience, and institutional knowledge are unique and irreplaceable.  Andrea is a selfless advocate for the department and its needs and goals, and we are grateful to her for the plethora of tasks she undertakes that benefit us all, but especially our students.  The Psychology department is without a doubt better because of her contributions over the last 30 years.”

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