LAS Community: My Favorite Place in the World

Joe Craig and Wile E. off the grid behind Palmer Lake

In a continuing effort to build community during tough times, LAS community members share their love of favorite places with us. Read more below.

Joe Craig, Associate Professor of Economics

My favorite place is the Front Range mountains behind Palmer Lake hiking with my dog Wile E. There’s no cell service, very few trail maps, and a lot of it requires bushwhacking, but you find views like this!

Laura Chandler with “Senor Chandler” at The Oasis in Austin

Laura Chandler, Administrative Assistant, Department of Psychology

My favorite place in the world is wherever my mom is. Austin, Texas was already a favorite place to visit with its live music and food scene. When my mom moved to Austin, it was a dream come true. Our visits include favorite meals of Peruvian and Mexican cuisine, walking through bluebonnets and perusing the local bookstore. I have explored many of the natural wonders of Austin including the lakes, rivers, pools and bats. I am on my way back as soon as I can be!

Theresa Meadows in Paris.

Teresa Meadows, Professor of French, Film Studies and Theatre

Paris. History, people, streets that are alive, a way of living that is not all about productivity and building barriers.

Sean Williams, Associate Professor and Director of Technical Communication & Information Design program.

Cligman’s Dome, NC, the highest point on the Appalachian Trail—only 6643 feet!

Mountains: Rockies, Appalachians, Andes, Alps, Pyrenees. Doesn’t matter. Each set of mountains has its own special charms, but what they all share is the promise of adventure and achievement and when you go deep enough, especially at alpine heights off trails, the only thing to hear is the wind or birds or streams. The grandeur of the mountains speaks to me about the slow passing of time and how, despite every worry and care we have as people, these mountains will outlive us. That fullness of time fills my lungs on every labored breath when I carry everything I need on my back.

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