Beth Daniels Receives Faculty Assembly Service Award

Dr. Beth Daniels, Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Beth Daniels, Associate Professor of Psychology, recently received the Faculty Assembly (FA) Service Award for her outstanding contributions to UCCS. Keep reading to learn more.

Beth was nominated for the award by Tisha Mendiola Jessop, Instrutor of Chemistry and Biochemisty, and Chair of the FA Women’s Committee (FAWC), and Minette Church, Professor of Anthropology and Past Chair of FAWC. Based on their nomination letter, Beth was a highly effective leader of the FAWC, which she chaired or co-chaired for 4 years starting in 2015. During her tenure Beth instituted a town hall to survey women faculty about important issues that required action, created a Professional Development Workshop Series, and lead several other projects to enhance the activity and effectiveness of the FAWC. Beth also spearheaded efforts to research and address gender bias inherent in student evaluations through faculty course questionnaires (FCQs). In 2019 she advocated for an institutional membership to the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity. Planning and implementing this was a time- and energy-intensive process, and all faculty at UCCS are now the beneficiaries of Beth’s work. It was for these and other sustained and high-impact contributions to FA, FAWC, and the UCCS campus more broadly, that Beth was selected for this award.

Beth is honored to receive the award, and had the following to share:

“A central focus of my service work is diversity and inclusion. A fundamental belief of mine is that universities should be inclusive institutions where all people are welcome. Historically, universities in the U.S. were spaces for only select groups. Societal change, especially since the 1960s, has opened higher education to many more people than ever before. However, specific efforts to make universities truly accessible and welcoming for all people continue to be necessary. As an academic, I dedicate a large part of my service effort to activities and committees that promote inclusiveness. I believe the opportunity to learn from diverse voices and experiences is a true strength of a university.”

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