Remote Working: Making It Work

Jessi Smith and Kahlo, remote working

A sense of humor and furry or feathered friends can help move one tackle the challenge of moving to remote working conditions. Continue reading to learn more…

Jessi Smith, Professor of Psychology, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Research Integrity Officer:

“My son, having finished his entire day of remote school by lunch time, took this photo of me in our loft home office. The bird on my shoulder is named Kahlo – he isn’t the best working company, as he likes to nibble my headphones and whistles “woo-woo” for attention. One great thing about remote working?  Jeans, tshirt, and no makeup!”

Kristina Woods, Program Assistant, Department of Physics and Energy Science:

“Here are a few pictures my Co-Worker, Skylar!  He has recently promoted himself to Supervisor; if he hears me move my chair in the office, he comes over right away to see what is happening.  He also likes to have One on Ones every day.  He is a very good boss though, every day at 1pm we go for a walkie to stretch and decompress.   #MicroManager”

“Boss Man”
Skylar One on One

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