LAS Community: Pet Parade


In a continuing effort to build community during tough times, LAS community members share their love of pets with us. Read more below.

George Cheney and Sally Planalp, Professors of Communication

This is Turbo, our 31-year-old North American Ornate Box Turtle.  She is peeking out to see if it’s really spring. We knew little about reptiles before Turbo started teaching us in 2002, when she came into our lives. We think of her as our ‘Zen pet,’ reminding us to slow down; stop, look and listen; and be in the moment–all are valuable messages at any time.

Ri-ri with Oksana Bihun

Oksana Bihun, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Attached is a foto of my cat Ri-ri, and me. Ri-ri likes to sit on my lap when I write or read anything. Sometimes she bites the pen or the edge of the book. She is very affectionate and joyful.

Sean Williams, Associate Professor and Director, Technical Communication & Information Design program

Rue with Sean Williams

Rue, my Catahoula, is the best hiking partner, biking guide, cuddler, and buddy a guy can have. Until she sees a squirrel and must chase it up a tree. I’ve had lots of dogs in my 50 years or so, but Rue is the first who knows just knows when it’s time to run like mad (and she’s beautiful to watch leaping over stumps and dodging brambles at full speed), when to walk by me quietly, or to lay her head on my lap.

Minette Church, Professor of Anthropology

Bruno with Minette Church

This is Bruno. He’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback, 2 yrs old, 106 lbs. Photo credit: my grad school friend Audrey Horning (College of Wm and Mary/Queens U., Belfast) visited campus last fall, sponsored by Anthropology, Social Science Symposium Series, and the Heller Center, to speak on campus and visit Tom Wynn’s and my HUM class (Archaeologists as Storytellers). We went for a walk in the canyon where I live. Grad school friendships are forever.

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Sadie & Gizmo

Nina Ellis Frischman, Lecturer, GPS, History, and Humanities

These are my dogs Sadie and Gizmo. They are both 8 years old. Sadie loves walks on streets, not grass. Gizmo chases his tail when he wants to impress you. While Gizmo sits on every open lap he finds, Sadie is more discriminating — she will sit next to you for a few minutes when she wants affection, and then curls up on her bed.

Delilah & Christina Jimenez

Christina Jimenez, Professor & Chair, Department of History

My dog, Delilah, and I on a walk along the trail by where we live. Delilah is loving all of the attention and walks that she’s getting during this stay at home order.

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