The Newest Degree in LAS: Technical Communication and Information Design (TCID)

Sean Williams, Associate Professor and Director of the TCID program

After about three years in planning and preparation, the new bachelor’s degree in Technical Communication and Information Design (TCID) has received final approval and will enroll its first class in fall of 2020. The bachelor’s degree will prepare students for rapidly growing career fields and high-salary positions in user experience design, technical writing, web creation, and professional communication. Read more below…

This degree is one of only a handful of programs in the entire country that is a dedicated technical communications program, not part of another department, and therefore positions students to be extremely competitive in the growing fields of user experience design, information architecture, and technical communication. The field projects a scarcity of about 8000 qualified professionals by 2026, so the new program will help fill that gap. TCID is a profession that puts people first, and as our lives become increasingly integrated with technology, we need professionals prepared to understand how to create accessible and usable technologies. In a world where most of us are used to adapting to various technologies, TCID students learn to invert that model and adapt technologies to people.

About 40 current professional technical writing students from the English major’s PTW track are expected to move into the new degree program. By the end of the program’s fifth year, the program should conservatively grow to about 140 majors with graduates working in a range of industries including software companies, finance firms, defense contractors, government, and the non-profit sector.

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