24 thoughts on “LAS Thanks Rex Welshon for his Service as Interim Dean

  1. Dear Rex,

    Thank you for your leadership, not only during the pandemic, but also for all your efforts as Dean. Thank you for the tremendous service and your dedication to the College.

    Your leadership has been exemplary.

    With gratitude,


  2. Rex,

    You have brought the College together with a solid and steady force. You have clarified processes, focused on what is important and helped us through a time of crisis. You have fought to keep our College afloat financially and truly understand our mission and how it fits with that of the campus.
    We are very proud to have you as our leader and somewhat unusual how you inspire both confidence and warmth!!
    Thank you so much for being our interim Dean!

  3. Not enough words to convey my sincerest gratitude…most important has been how you model excellence in leadership!

  4. We are fortunate to have had you as interim Dean during this time. Thank you for your tireless work and advocacy for LAS!

  5. You have provided strength, grace, honesty, and not only logistical but moral leadership to all of us throughout a very difficult period in the College’s history, and it has been an honor to work with you and to know that the entire College has benefited from your dedication, thoughtfulness, and frankness. Thank you for everything you do, and I fervently hope you are able to take time for yourself this summer.

  6. Rex – Thank you for your kind and compassionate leadership. We all appreciate your tireless efforts. Congratulations on returning to the faculty!

  7. On behalf of VAPA, I thank Rex for -your transparency, realism, and nimble thinking to help us contend with challenges facing us!

  8. Where to start. When I was a newbie on my first committee, C and R, I was late one day and they elected me Chair – the only Asssistant Prof amongst a somewhat cantankerous bunch. As ex-officio member, you mentored me/us though that rough introduction to committee work (creating the – dare I admit it? – the DOG requirements). Since then you’ve consistently been a generous and terrific supporter, advisor through some sticky times, mentor, colleague, Dean, and friend. I am ever so grateful! I wish you much relaxation.

  9. Rex, thank you for your mammoth efforts, clear thinking, and steady hand during your tenure as interim Dean; you have been an inspiration and an exemplar.

  10. Dear Rex, Thank you for everything you have advocated for on behalf of the LAS faculty, staff and students. It has been a pleasure working with you during your time as Interim Dean. I wish you well with your future plans.

  11. Thank you for for stepping up when it mattered most and for your exemplary leadership over the past year.

  12. Thank you for bringing the college together and for being the champion we’ve always needed. Your exemplary leadership as Interim Dean will have a long lasting effect on LAS. Thank you for being present at every alumni and fundraising event! You are so awesome.

  13. I count myself as one among many who were fortunate enough to benefit from your temperate, reasonable, compassionate leadership in LAS. I am doubly happy that you will get to see how appreciated you are. Thanks again, and all the best for the future.

  14. Lessons I learned from you, Rex: Teaching HUM matters (and the ’60s still rock!). Showing up matters. Showing mercy every once in awhile is good. Always have a back up plan or two or three. Always be prepared to defend. StoP and WAIT–Stop to Ponder and ask Why Am I Talking? (this with a little help from Mr. Rogers and Tom Hanks). Lessons I never quite mastered (but still working on): How to correctly pronounce “Worcester” (Mass.). Entering the Dean’s office with quiet grace. Thank you, Rex, The “curtsy” will always be there.

  15. Thank you Rex for all your help with HUM. We will be glad to have you back in philosophy as will our students.

  16. Dear Rex,

    Thank you for stepping up to serve, yet again, when LAS needed you. You’ve handled all the twists and turns of the past year (er, years, er, decade?!) with amazing equanimity. I continue to be impressed by your commitment to and understanding of policies and procedures, yet your ability to somehow still be flexible and accommodating of nuance and context. Thank you for your fine leadership, and welcome back to the faculty!

  17. Hello Rex,

    Oftentimes we get administrators with lust for power and money. Life taught me to apply a different criteria to administrators: “Presumed guilty until proven innocent.”

    We at LAS were fortunate to have you, Rex, and before you Tom, as our deans. You both selflessly stepped in with a singular goal to help the college. You both had no lust for power whatsoever, just the opposite: you voluntarily gave up the authority for the sake of being faculty, doing research, writing, and teaching.

    I appreciate your service, and wish you a great success in your creative endeavors.

    Alex Soifer

  18. Hi Rex

    A “thank you” can’t cover all the gratitude that we have for all your efforts, thoughtfulness, kindness, fairness, honesty, and grace during these
    difficult times. You have been an amazing example of what an administrator should be like. I can’t stress enough how, by your actions and by your initiatives,
    you allowed us all to have hope in the present and future. And especially by your example, you encouraged us all to do our best. Thank you!

    Bob Camley

  19. Dear Rex,
    You are a model of integrity, compassion, and fair and ethical leadership. I am grateful for your tireless work on our behalf. You have planted seeds that will continue to grow and strengthen the college and campus.


  20. Speaking for myself and the Communication Department, all I can say is thank you very much. You made a real difference, and you did it with class and grace.

  21. Rex,

    Thank you for your service to our college. I appreciate your dedication, fairness, equanimity, and approachability. Thank you for the support you have shown the staff in LAS. I hope you are able to again immerse yourself in the joys of teaching, reading, writing, and research. Hopefully soon we will be able to see you more often on the fourth floor of Columbine Hall.


  22. thank you Rex, for all your excellent service and wisdom—you have been a wonderful Dean!

    warm regards, Colin

  23. I am so grateful I had the chance to work with you and for you! You are truly an amazing man who works tirelessly. I have learned so much and will miss you! Thank you for the support you have shown me as I navigate this new position. You sense of calm was priceless as I came onboard!

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