LAS Students and Faculty Take Part in Undergraduate Research Academy

Frida Foss

The Center for Student Research recently announced the 2020 Undergraduate Research Academy (URA) Awardees. LAS was very well represented, our faculty and students making up 80% of the awardees.

Each student-faculty pair will be funded with up to a $3,500 stipend for their work and materials. Students will also take part in a workshop series to help develop their researcher skills. These student-faculty pairs will collaborate on exciting research and further knowledge within their disciplines this fall! Please join us in congratulating them!

Danielle Browne outside Advanced Photon Source near Chicago where she recently traveled for data collection related to her project.

Danielle Browne and Dr. Crystal Vander Zanden

Understanding Mechanisms of Cell Communication

Sylvia Conquest and Dr. Eugenia Olesnicky

Investigating Genetic Regulation of Aging Related Disease

Frida Sofie Foss and Dr. Emily Skop

Sylvia Conquest

Placemaking in Refugee-Led Urban Farms

River Gassen and Dr. Kathrin Spendier

Experimental Investigations of Oscillating and Rotating Magnetic Particles in High Viscosity Fluids

Brandon Goldstein and Dr. Eugenia Olesnicky

The Role of Caper in the Aging Adult Drosophila Brain

Morgan McGinnis

Morgan McGinnis and Dr. Diana Selmeczy

The Role of Feedback in Selective Learning

William Stone and Dr. Crystal Vander Zanden

Simulations to Determine the Neuroprotective Mechanisms of Curcumin

Billy Stone

Abbey Swift and Dr. Emily Mooney

Native Host Plant Variation Shapes a Facultative Ant-Butterfly Mutualism

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