Kudos to Our Outstanding Staff

Rose Johnson

Several staff members in LAS were recognized by Clyde’s Kudos in August. Rose Johnson, Program Assistant for the English Department was highlighted 3 times! Four if you consider the broad shout out to all of our Program Assistants…

To: Program Assistants in the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences
From: Anon.

Thank you to each one of the program assistants for the dedication they have shown everyday in supporting the students and faculty especially during this pandemic. They have continued to see that orders were placed to support departments, helped communicate department/faculty hours, made sure that chairs had the numbers and data needed to work through scheduling and handling the unusual situation on campus – even when working remotely. Kudos to all for your dedication.

Margie Oldham

To: Margie Oldham
From: Jen Kling

Margie has gone above and beyond to help me organize the first-ever virtual Philosophy in the City event. I couldn’t have done it without her willingness to help me navigate the cVent system, LAS email announcements, and the myriad of logistics inherent in a virtual panel discussion that is going to be live-streamed on YouTube.

Monica Killebrew

To: Monica Killebrew
From: Emily Skop

Monica brings clarity and efficiency to every situation. She brings out the very best in her colleagues and exemplifies a solid work ethic. Thank you from Geography and Environmental Studies!

To: Rose Johnson
From: Kirsten Ortega

A big thank you and shout out to Rose Johnson for the support she has provided me this summer as I transition into the chair position of the English Department. Guiding me while we work remotely has been a challenge. Rose has fielded countless questions from me at all times of the day and week! She meets every request with kindness and patience. Rose is Program Assistant for a large department and another program as well, so I know that taking the time to train me is no small feat in her daily responsibilities. I so appreciate having her as our regent of records and liaison of logistics.

To: Rose Johnson
From: Ann Amicucci

Rose holds the whole English Department together! She has been consistently on top of all our (many, many) requests and questions in the lead-up to the fall semester. We would be lost without her. We are grateful for her professionalism and her years of expertise!

To: Rose Johnson
From: Helen Davies

I am a new faculty member starting in the midst of a pandemic, social distancing and all of the COVID concerns. Rose has gone out of her way to make me feel welcome and to provide answers to all of my numerous questions. Due to the situation right now, I have not met many of my colleagues and do not have the opportunity to run into people in the halls to ask questions. Rose has stepped in to fill the gap by sorting out things like access to my office and a copier code, but also solving problems like how do I give permission codes to students. She has gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome. Rose frequently has provided solutions to my newbie problems and offered the information that I might have received other ways in more normal times. She really has been a point of calm and information in these unusual times.

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