LAS Staff Member Laura Chandler, a UCCS Silver Graduate, To Take Part in Commencement

Laura Martinez Chandler

Laura Martinez Chandler, Program Assistant for the Psychology Department, is among 6 LAS alumni who will participate as Silver Graduates in the Summer/Fall Commencement this year. Silver Graduates received their degree 25 years ago. Laura received her BA in Economics in 1995.

The other LAS Silver Graduates participating this year are Stephanie Bruhn (BA Psychology), Dawn Enger (BA Psychology), Dyanne Helms-Keller (McCaffrey) (BA History), Jennifer Lynne Rudis (BA Psychology), Tandy L. Zitkus (BA Biology).

The following information about Laura was taken directly from a Communique story on the Silver Graduates for the Summer/Fall 2020 Commencement Ceremony:

“As a UCCS alumna, Laura has been active in the Alumni and Friends Association, attending events, mentoring students and participating in commencements. After graduating from UCCS in 1995, she worked for various organizations in various positions as a corporate administrator, software trainer, project specialist, assistant operations manager and has worked as a staff member of the psychology department since 2010.

UCCS has heavily impacted Laura’s life as an alma mater and employer. It has provided a common thread with her spouse (a UCCS alum), children, friends and colleagues while providing her education, livelihood and future retirement. Her daughter graduated from UCCS in 2019.

Laura was awarded the UCCS Garrett Swasey Outstanding Staff Award in 2017.

Favorite UCCS Memory: “As a UCCS student, I was heavily involved in student government as a member, vice‐chair and chair of the Judicial Board, acted as a student government representative on the admissions & records, financial aid, budget advisory and various campus ad hoc committees, became a charter member of Delta Sigma Pi, Mu Chi Chapter in the College of Business, member of Business Club and M.E.Ch.A. (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán), and participated in southern Colorado community outreach for the Chancellor’s Office. I was awarded the UCCS Student Achievement Award in 1995.”

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