Margie Oldham Selected as Outstanding LAS Staff Member for 2019-20

Margie Oldham

The LAS Staff Advisory Council is proud to award Margie Oldham the 2019-2020 LAS Outstanding Staff Award. 

Read more about Margie and award selection below.

The committee provided this summary: “Margie Oldham’s position as the LAS Director of Community Relations impacts everyone in the college.  She is exceptional in her efforts to keep abreast of the research, upcoming lectures/events, publications, and honors of faculty, staff, and students.   Margie’s work to bridge the new UCCS Downtown campus with the daily life of the Main campus has been excellent.  She offers unflagging support​ and is always willing to be of assistance.  Her genuine warmth and kindness are a backdrop to everything she does.”

The selection process for 2019-20 was delayed due to Covid. The LAS Staff Advisory Committee selects the awardee based on nominations submitted by faculty, staff, and students. Committee members: Rhonda Goodman-Gaghan, Heller Center Curator, Michaela Steen, Director, Visual Resource Center, Ian Smith, Program Assistant for History and Humanities, and Deann Barrett, LAS HR Director.

21 thoughts on “Margie Oldham Selected as Outstanding LAS Staff Member for 2019-20

  1. Woohoo!!! It’s about time! What a well-deserved honor for someone who has bled LAS for 15 years, if not more. Congrats my friend.

  2. Congratulations Margie on being the 2019-2020 LAS Outstanding Staff Award Winner!
    Margie is very deserving of this award. I admire Margie’s dedication to her job and willingness to step-in where needed. The College of LAS is very fortunate to have her on their staff. I am also fortunate to call her my friend.

  3. Whoo-hoo! Yippee! Yahoo! And congratulations, Margie! You sooooo deserve this recognition! You are the friendly face of LAS; for nearly two decades you have inspired the rest of us to take time to laugh while we work and have helped us navigate so many challenges, and answered a bazillion questions, and hosted so many events (I miss the white pantsuit! tee hee!). You make us want to be more involved (CSURF moderator, LAS Creative Works and Research, anyone?). You are respected and loved dear friend!

    1. Margie – you are an LAS treasure and this award is long overdue! You do so much for our college and we are fortunate to have you!

    2. Congrats Margie on winning the 2019-2020 Outstanding Staff Award!
      Your bright and friendly smile and demeanor, outstanding efforts and results on graduation, awards, the Downtown Campus, with the Peak Ambassadors, and so many innumerable other things for LAS deserves this award and more. Thank you for being there with us through thick and thin!

  4. This is so very well-deserved. Margie rocks. She is so on top of things all the time it seems almost magical! So appreciate your support and advocacy for all things LAS –

  5. Congratulations dear Margie! You are an amazing force in LAS and the entire campus, and a wonderful colleague and friend. You are so deserving of this award!

  6. Margie – It is so wonderful to know that you were recognized for your selfless and enduring service for LAS with this award. Your energy is contagious – and we are so lucky to have you!

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