Research of Tara Cepon-Robins from Anthropology Featured in High Impact Outlets

Tara Cepon-Robins

The research of Dr. Tara Cepon-Robins, Associate Professor of Anthropology, was recently published in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), and also featured in the journal Science. Dr. Cepon-Robins’s scientific article in PNAS, “Pathogen disgust sensitivity protects against infection in a high pathogen environment,” was described for a broader audience in Science: “Disgusted by spoiled food? You may be protecting yourself from disease,” by Ann Gibbons. This research was also featured recently in the UCCS Communique in an article written by Anna Squires: “Cepon-Robins: A healthy sense of disgust can keep you from getting sick.”

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