LAS Alum Wins Film Award

Samone Roberts

Samone Roberts, a 2020 Communications B.A. graduate, recently won a Silver Telly Award for the short animated film she made as a student in the Digital Filmmaking Track of the Communication Department. Her film, The Gardener, was made with the assistance of an LAS Student-Faculty Research and Creative Works grant that was awarded to Samone and her mentor, David Nelson, Professor and Chair of Communication. The Gardener was one of only 20 films in the country that won a Silver Telly in the Student Category. Professor Nelson first met Samone when she was in his Freshman Seminar class “Storytelling: From Casablanca to Star Wars”.  She told him then that she would like to make an animated film someday.

Watch Samone’s short film, The Gardener.

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  2. Dear Author,

    We wanted to express our sincere gratitude for sharing the inspiring story of Samone Roberts, an LAS alumna who recently achieved a remarkable feat in the realm of filmmaking. Her journey from being a 2020 Communications B.A. graduate to winning a Silver Telly Award for her short animated film, “The Gardener,” is truly commendable.

    Samone’s achievement stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and creative exploration. The fact that she crafted this award-winning film during her time as a student in the Digital Filmmaking Track of the Communication Department speaks volumes about the quality of education and mentorship she received.

    It’s particularly heartening to read about the role that the LAS Student-Faculty Research and Creative Works grant played in supporting Samone’s artistic endeavor. Collaborating with her mentor, Professor David Nelson, demonstrates the kind of meaningful connections that are nurtured within educational environments, leading to exceptional outcomes.

    The recognition of “The Gardener” with a Silver Telly Award in the Student Category is a testament to Samone’s dedication, creativity, and commitment to her craft. With only 20 films across the country receiving this honor, her achievement stands out as an extraordinary accomplishment.

    Professor Nelson’s impact on Samone’s journey, from her first exposure to his Freshman Seminar class to their collaboration on “The Gardener,” highlights the profound influence educators can have on their students’ aspirations and achievements.

    We truly appreciate your efforts in sharing stories like Samone’s. By showcasing the success stories of LAS alumni, you inspire others to pursue their creative passions and remind us all of the transformative power of education and artistic expression.

    Thank you once again for shining a light on such exceptional achievements within your community.

    Warm regards,

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