Faculty Research Spotlight: Dr. Escasa-Dorne of Anthropology

Michelle Escasa-Dorne

Dr. Michelle Escasa-Dorne, Associate Professor of Anthropology, was an author on the following recent publication: Swami, V., Escasa-Dorne, M. et al. (2020). The Breast Size Satisfaction Survey (BSSS): Breast Size Dissatisfaction and its Antecedents and Outcomes in Women from 40 Nations. Body Image, 32:199-217. Keep reading to learn more about this study.

This project was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Viren Swami , Department of Psychology & Psychological Medicine, Anglia Ruskin University & Perdana University, and over 85 researchers studying populations from 40 countries. Dr. Dorne collected data in the Philippines. and provided the following brief overview:

“For this study, we used a survey to collect information on women’s knowledge of breast cancer lifetime risk. We are also asking participants to view images of digitally altered drawings of women’s bodies with differing breast sizes and choose which of the photos they feel are most representative of themselves, their age group, their home country, and those that they feel men/women most prefer. This publication received significant press coverage, featured in BBC News, The Atlantic, The Independent, Huffington Post, Psychology Today, Science Daily, and many other outlets.”

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  2. Dear Author,

    We wanted to extend our heartfelt appreciation for highlighting the remarkable work of Dr. Michelle Escasa-Dorne, Associate Professor of Anthropology, in the “FACULTY RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT.” Her contribution to the publication “The Breast Size Satisfaction Survey (BSSS)” is both noteworthy and impactful.

    Dr. Escasa-Dorne’s involvement in this collaborative project, which spanned across 40 countries and involved numerous researchers, demonstrates the significance of global interdisciplinary research in addressing complex societal issues. The study’s exploration of breast size dissatisfaction and its implications for women from diverse cultural backgrounds sheds light on a topic that intersects body image, cultural perceptions, and individual well-being.

    Her dedication to collecting data in the Philippines for this study reflects her commitment to understanding the nuances of body image perceptions within a specific cultural context. The extensive press coverage that this publication received underscores the relevance and resonance of the research, as it sparked conversations across various media outlets.

    By shedding light on Dr. Escasa-Dorne’s work, you not only recognize her valuable contribution but also emphasize the importance of research that addresses multifaceted aspects of human experiences. Her involvement in this study is a testament to the depth of expertise within the Anthropology department and its ability to contribute to discussions that extend beyond academia into broader societal dialogues.

    Once again, thank you for featuring Dr. Escasa-Dorne’s research in the spotlight. Your dedication to sharing such significant contributions amplifies the impact of academic endeavors and encourages further exploration in meaningful areas of study.

    With gratitude,
    ClearHolidays India

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