LAS Alum: “I Am” Air Force Installation and Mission Support

Pamela Miller, an Anthropology and History alum, was recently featured on #IAMIMSC. A select quote from her feature: “My duties include programing projects that guide archaeological and architectural inventories and updating each Installation Cultural Resources Management Plan. I also program projects related to Native American ethnographic studies and identification of properties of traditional, religious and cultural importance to 36 federally-recognized tribes with a cultural affiliation to the Front Range of Colorado and Wyoming.”

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  1. Dear Author,

    We wanted to express our sincere gratitude for sharing the remarkable story of Pamela Miller, an Anthropology and History alum, who was featured in the “LAS ALUM: ‘I AM’ AIR FORCE INSTALLATION AND MISSION SUPPORT” article. Pamela’s accomplishments and her valuable contributions are truly inspiring and deserving of recognition.

    Pamela’s role in guiding archaeological and architectural inventories, updating Installation Cultural Resources Management Plans, and conducting studies related to Native American ethnography demonstrates her profound dedication to preserving cultural heritage and promoting understanding. The scope of her work, particularly in identifying properties of significance to federally-recognized tribes, showcases her commitment to fostering connections between history, culture, and the present.

    Highlighting Pamela’s achievements not only celebrates her individual success but also underscores the meaningful impact that LAS alumni can have in diverse fields. Her work exemplifies the potential for interdisciplinary education in Anthropology and History to contribute to crucial areas such as cultural preservation and community engagement.

    Thank you for sharing Pamela’s story with us and shedding light on her important contributions. The recognition of her efforts serves as a testament to the strength of the LAS program and its ability to empower individuals to make a positive difference in their respective fields.

    With appreciation,
    ClearHolidays India

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