LAS Faculty Participate in Town Hall to Confront Anti-Asian Stereotypes and Violence

Stephen Cho Suh, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Women’s and Ethnic Studies, Sandy Ho, Assistant Dean & Director of Student Affairs, College of Education Assistant Professor attendant rank of Languages & Cultures, Yang Wei, Associate Professor of History, and George Bayuga, Instructor of Anthropology took part in the town hall. Learn more by reading the recent article in the Communique, written by Mark Belcher. You can also watch a recording of the town hall.

13 thoughts on “LAS Faculty Participate in Town Hall to Confront Anti-Asian Stereotypes and Violence

  1. nice initiative and I feel this type of seminar should be happening in daily routine so that awareness be raised against these racist thoughts which has been the output of the past from some sick insecure people but now this is a new era and here there is no place for racist in any society well I am kind of busy now as someone recommended me to hire someone to do my online exam for me but I must say I am impressed by this activity as there are not many people talking about it especially for Asian people thumbs up for this activity

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  3. Dear Author,

    We wanted to extend our heartfelt appreciation for sharing the significant news article titled “LAS FACULTY PARTICIPATE IN TOWN HALL TO CONFRONT ANTI-ASIAN STEREOTYPES AND VIOLENCE.” The involvement of LAS faculty members in addressing and confronting such important issues is both commendable and inspiring.

    The participation of Assistant Professor Stephen Cho Suh, Assistant Dean & Director Sandy Ho, Assistant Professor Yang Wei, and Instructor George Bayuga in the town hall demonstrates a strong commitment to fostering meaningful conversations and creating awareness about the challenges faced by the Asian community, particularly concerning anti-Asian stereotypes and violence. In a time where these issues are of paramount concern, their dedication to engaging in productive dialogue is truly commendable.

    The interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty from Sociology, Women’s and Ethnic Studies, Education, Languages & Cultures, History, and Anthropology underscores the significance of approaching complex social issues from multiple perspectives. Such collaboration fosters a comprehensive understanding of the challenges at hand and paves the way for innovative solutions.

    By sharing this article, you have not only highlighted the efforts of these dedicated faculty members but also emphasized the importance of open conversations and collective action to address societal issues. The town hall serves as a platform for sharing experiences, insights, and strategies to confront and dismantle harmful stereotypes and violence.

    Thank you for bringing this noteworthy event to our attention and for recognizing the vital role that education and dialogue play in creating positive change. The commitment of LAS faculty members to inclusivity, understanding, and advocacy is truly inspiring and sets a positive example for both the academic community and society at large.

    With sincere gratitude,

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