LAS Faculty Receive CRCW Seed Grants

LAS faculty several natural and social science departments were recently awarded funding from the UCCS Committee on Research & Creative Works (CRCW):

Christine Biermann, Geography and Environmental Studies
& Emily Mooney, Biology

Tracking Change in the Mountains: Alpine Insects and Treeline Ecosystems as Indicators of Climatic Shifts

Justin Cole, Mathematics
Approximation of Topological Insulators in Photonic Lattices

Elizabeth Daniels, Psychology
Social Media and Sexualization among Adolescent Girls from Diverse Backgrounds

Dylan Harris, Geography and Environmental Studies
Seeing the Changing Climate in Changing Cultures in Georgia & Colorado

Karin Larkin, Anthropology
Chasing the Cure: Archaeology and Material Culture of the Navajo Era of Cragmor Sanatorium

Diana Selmeczy, Psychology
The Development of Adaptive Help-Seeking in Children

5 thoughts on “LAS Faculty Receive CRCW Seed Grants

  1. Dear Author,

    We wanted to extend our heartfelt gratitude for sharing the inspiring update titled “LAS FACULTY RECEIVE CRCW SEED GRANTS.” The accomplishments and initiatives highlighted in this content truly showcase the exceptional dedication and innovative spirit of the LAS faculty members.

    The diversity of research areas and projects that have received funding from the UCCS Committee on Research & Creative Works (CRCW) is remarkable. It’s impressive to see faculty members from various natural and social science departments coming together to contribute to the advancement of knowledge across different domains.

    Each project described in the content is intriguing and promising. From tracking climate shifts using alpine insects to exploring the intersection of social media and adolescent development, and from studying changing cultures in the context of climate change to uncovering the archaeological significance of the Navajo Era, these projects demonstrate the depth and breadth of expertise within the LAS faculty.

    By shedding light on the important work being carried out by Christine Biermann, Emily Mooney, Justin Cole, Elizabeth Daniels, Dylan Harris, Karin Larkin, and Diana Selmeczy, your content not only informs but also celebrates the remarkable contributions of these dedicated researchers.

    Thank you for sharing these stories of innovation, exploration, and collaboration. It’s evident that the LAS faculty’s endeavors are making meaningful contributions to their respective fields and, in turn, enriching our collective understanding of the world.

    With appreciation,

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