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Dear LAS Community,

Welcome to the LAS news feed, a source for news and information about our College of Letters, Arts & Sciences community. The goals of this feed are to inform us, connect us, and help build our community. Here you’ll find news and information from all corners of the college including but not limited to Departments, Programs, Centers, and the Dean’s office. We’ll also feature faculty, staff, students, and members of the local community with whom we work.

Although the news feed will be edited by Mike Kisley, Associate Dean, and Margie Oldham, Director of Community Relations, it will be authored by the entire LAS community. In addition to faculty, staff, and administrators, we also hope to engage students in the process. For example, some stories will be put together by our LAS Ambassadors.

Let us know if you have a story idea. In addition to news and information, we’d love to feature you and your work!


Mike & Margie

[email protected], [email protected]

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the LAS News Feed

  1. UCCS Staff Association has Clyde’s Kudos as a new, informal recognition program for staff. It may be nice to have on the LAS News Feed for those who do not read The Communique.

    For January 2020, there were LAS Staff recognized with a Clyde’s Kudo, please see the following link: https://communique.uccs.edu/?p=118275

    To: Rose Johnson (ENGL)
    From: Katherine Mack
    Don’t underestimate the power of a positive attitude and good sense of humor. I won’t because I work with Ms. Rose Johnson, the administrative assistant of the English department. Rose greets everyone with a smile, a ready laugh, and, if necessary, a dose of wisdom, all on top of answers to most questions and a willingness and ability to research answers to questions for which she doesn’t have an immediate answer.

    To: Margie Oldham (LAS)
    From: Lily Cosgrave
    Margie has been here for 14 years. For 14 years she has gone above and beyond to help a fellow coworker or student no matter how busy she is. She is constantly performing actions outside of her job scope and continues to always look for more to do. She will and does do everything she can to improve and better UCCS everyday by little simple things such as picking up trash on campus grounds, just because, to creating a club of students to promote our college, faculty, staff, and students. She trying to make each person she comes into contact with a better person by encouraging sustainable behavior or reminding people to recycle. She will even buy gifts that are reusable or helpful instead of giving more junk that people don’t use.

    I would say she is the definition of a person who is constantly demonstrating an infectious positive attitude. She has two position titles here at UCCS but she wears upwards of 15 different hats and is always the first person to take initiative on anything you give her or things she finds on her own. She participates on community boards and community activities such as runs in Garden of the Gods to maintaining and picking up trails or the open space coalition. For over a year now she has gone above and beyond for a staff member (using a wheelchair) here on campus by coming in early to help them get from the parking garage to their office every morning and every evening. She voluntarily helps me and several other co-workers complete tasks and create beautiful gatherings and events. Margie does everything from leaving the office open past hours just in case a student needs help, to her iconic Halloween themes. She is by far the most kind and understanding individual I have ever worked with. I am so thankful for her and what she does. I know that a lot of people don’t see ALL the things she has done for this university but, I know that she bleeds UCCS in every one of her actions. She deserves so much recognition and praise! Kudos to you Margie, you rock my socks off!

  2. To: Heidi Wardell
    From: Margie Oldham
    Heidi’s bubbly personality is infectious and so needed here at UCCS. I have the honor of working with Heidi on the National Student Exchange program. She welcomes incoming exchange students throughout the year as they acclimate to our school and a new location. Her “job” may be to make sure the students have everything they need (classes, housing, etc.), but instinctively she gives them so much more. “Hello, my friend!” she greets them as they enter her office. “How can I help?” she asks. Before you know it she’s congratulating them on their courage for stepping out of their comfort zones, and assuring them that they can get make it through any hard adjustment phase. “Just have faith in your abilities,” she tells them. Students LOVE Heidi and her thoughtfulness. When they return to their home campuses, they have nothing but praise for UCCS and Heidi. Way to go, Heidi!!!! You make us all proud to be part of UCCS.

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