A team of faculty in Technical Communication and Information Design (TCID) received a UCCS Faculty Cybersecurity seed grant to support their research. Sean Williams, Director of TCID, led the team that includes Alex Ilyasova, Associate Professor of TCID, Janice Thorpe, Senior Instructor of Communication, and Gurvirender Tejay, Associate Professor of Business. The project is titled “Exploring the User Experience Design of Commercially Available Cybersecurity Products for Personal Mobile Devices.” Continuing reading to view the project abstract.

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Cathryn Supplee

Cathryn Supplee, Lecturer for the Department of Communication, was honored by a former student who sent a note of thanks through The Civics Center, a national nonpartisan, nonprofit organization focused on high school voter registration and civic engagement:

Thank you for your commitment to improving and educating people on intercultural communication. I can say with certainty that your work has improved this world and spread awareness for important issues.   -Fischer Kirwan

On behalf of The Civics Center, you inspire us, too. Thank you for the amazing work you have done to support your students and community.”

Beckie Munoz, Chemistry/Biochemistry
Rosy Mora de Mondragon, Biology

LAS recently hired 2 Finance and Business Professionals. Beckie Munoz replaces Tish Fleener, who recently retired, in the Chemistry/Biochemistry department. Rosy Mora de Mondragon replaces Ruth Jackson, who retired, in the Biology department.

Keep reading to learn more about our newest staff members Beckie and Rosy…

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Tom Pyszczynski

Tom Pyszczynski, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, was recently honored by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology with the Career Contribution Award. He was honored along with his close collaborators, Jeff Greenberg of the University of Arizona, and Sheldon Solomon of Skidmore College. Together they developed Terror Management Theory, which has exerted a strong influence on social psychology.

Laura Martinez Chandler

Laura Martinez Chandler, Program Assistant for the Psychology Department, is among 6 LAS alumni who will participate as Silver Graduates in the Summer/Fall Commencement this year. Silver Graduates received their degree 25 years ago. Laura received her BA in Economics in 1995.

The other LAS Silver Graduates participating this year are Stephanie Bruhn (BA Psychology), Dawn Enger (BA Psychology), Dyanne Helms-Keller (McCaffrey) (BA History), Jennifer Lynne Rudis (BA Psychology), Tandy L. Zitkus (BA Biology).

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Sherry Marshall, Instructor, Department of Sociology

The following email was sent by a student to the Dean of Students, who forwarded to LAS leadership:

“To Whom it May Concern, 

This semester has been hard on me, being that it was all online. With that being said, I had the best professor this semester that I just need to tell someone about. I am in the Criminal Justice program here at UCCS and I cannot say enough good things about our professors. I have not had a bad teacher here. I feel extremely lucky for that. However, one teacher has stood out to me this year. Her name is Sherry Marshall who taught my Social Research Methods class. No matter the hour, she would answer my emails. She always responded with a thoughtful and thorough response and gave every student the opportunity to make up points that were lost if they were willing to put in the work and communicated with her. I just think she is flat out amazing. I love her willingness to help and her dedication to her students. This is a teacher that listens to her students and bases her plans off her student’s lives. She is everything anyone could need in a professor. Do not get me wrong, her class is very challenging and has a lot of work. But she walks with the students and does not expect more than we can handle. That right there is an outstanding professor! I just thought I would let someone know.

Thanks, and happy holidays!

Karson Horan”

Our thanks to Karson for sending this, and for permission to post it to the news feed.